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Kathrin´s disrupted jeans

Montag, Februar 21st, 2011

Hot and sexy jeansbabe Kathrin is again on this jeansbabe site. She is wearing a sexy white top and a blue disrupted jeans. You can adore her tender skin and she is shaking her ass for you. This sexy woman knows what she like to do and she loves it when she feel your eyes on her ass. So take a look at this site and you will find much more sexy jeansbabes.

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Jessy´s jeansass

Samstag, Februar 19th, 2011

Jessy has strapped her slave on a chair. So this slave is very weakly and helpless. She is sitting with her skin tight jeans on her slaves face. She is sitting in front and reverse. So you can take a look at her great jeans ass all around. She is a sexy woman who loves to show what she have.

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Jeansfacesitting with Diana

Montag, Februar 14th, 2011

This is jeansgirl Diana. She is a sexy blond woman who loves to sit on her slave. But not only at his body, she is sitting at his ugly face. She is wearing her hot blue jeans, a white shirt and white high heels. A sexy woman and she only let him breathe when she wants. How much breathe does he need? But this doesn´t matter, Diana wants only have fun today and she loves to use her slave as a seat pad.

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Lynn and Nina doing jeanssitting

Dienstag, Februar 8th, 2011

Lynn and Nina are sitting on their slave. This poor little boy gets the full weight of both girls. One girl sit reverse on his face and the other girl sit in front on her friend. A really nice facesitting with two sexy jeansgirls. This slave has nothing to laugh and he has to wait till both girls stand up and let him breathe again.

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Kasha and her pink jeans

Montag, Februar 7th, 2011

Kasha is a girl who loves extrem jeans, so she is wearing a pink one only for you. She put her ass in your direction to show you how sexy her ass is in a pink jeans. You will love Kasha because she is a great jeans model and she knows it. She is tourning around that you can watch her jeans all around. A really hot and sexy blond girl with an awesome jeans.

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Jane loves jeanssitting

Mittwoch, Februar 2nd, 2011

So this is jeansgirl Jane. She loves to wear some jeans but she loves most to sit on the face of her slave during she waer a sexy tight jeans. Jane is a blond girl and she has a great ass in this jeans.

She loves to sit on her slaves face because she can show him her jeans in another way. He can feel her jeans and he can smell her aroma. This is a very sexy way to presend a new jeans.

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Mia´s sexy jeansass

Mittwoch, Februar 2nd, 2011

Here is a cute girl in a very hot blue jeans. Her name is Mia and she loves to show you her new jeans from different sides. Her blue jeans is very sexy and she is touching her jeans. She is sitting at her sofa and she is looking at you because she knows that you like her jeans. So she is turning around to show you this really sexy ass. Wouldn´t you touch her ass if you can? Yes you would. so take a look and enjoy it.

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All about skin tight jeans

Mittwoch, Februar 2nd, 2011

Hallo and welcome to my new blog about sexy skin tight jeans. Here you will find anything about jeans. Girls in sexy jeans who shaking their asses for you or they only sit down and you can watch the jeans from each side. Some girls love to show you a new jeans for example, so this is a very good blog for you if you love all jeans on different women. Also you will find some clips or pictures about jeanssitting, that means some girls sit down with her jeans (of course) on the face of their slaves. These are nice and sexy femdom clips and the girls love to sit down on them with their sexy jeans and their sexy ass. So take a look and enjoy it.