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Jeansfacesitting with two girls

Montag, Juni 9th, 2014

Malika and Alicea are wearing skin tight jeans! Alicea takes a seat on the friend’s face! Look at her great jeans ass!

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Sarah’s skin tight jeans ass

Freitag, Juli 5th, 2013

At this website you’ll see a lot of girls who loveto show you their sexy asses! The newest update is with hot Sarah! She is wearing her skin tight jeanstoday and she loves to sit down on your face! A really great pov view! Come on and lay down under her ass and worship her sexy jeansass!

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Hot denim fetish

Montag, Februar 18th, 2013

Dizzy is a very dominant jeans girl and today she wants to have an orgasm no matter what her girlfriend will say! She throws herselt down on Stella and now she is sitting with her hot jeans ass on her face! This two jeansgirls ars very sexy and they both wear skin tight jeans!

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Facesitting with sexy jeansgirl

Dienstag, Dezember 4th, 2012

Sexy Zoe loves to humilate guys and today she humilate the boyfriend of her friend because he was flirting with some other girls! She saw it and she doesn’t like it! So he will be punished by this sexy facesittingmistress with her sexy jeansass! Look at her perfect ass! Won’t you worship this sexy jeansass? With this sexy jeans it will be very painful for his face! She loves this skin tight jeans!

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Skin tight jeans asses on his face

Samstag, September 22nd, 2012

Two hot russian princesses want to smoke a cigarette! But they wanna sit comfortable and so they decided to use this slave as their seat pad! He has to lay down and they sit down on his face and body! This two girl wear sexy skin tight jeans and they love to show him their jeansasses!

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Seatpad under her jeansass

Dienstag, Januar 3rd, 2012

Today you have to be the personal seatpad of mistress sexy Amy. She is wearing a skin tight jeans and she loves to sit down on your face. So go down on the floor and be her living seat cushion when she comes closer with her great jeansass!

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Iwona’s long jeans legs

Dienstag, April 19th, 2011

Iwona is a very big girl and she loves to sit on her slaves face. She is sitting on him and her long legs are along his head. Iwona sits down on him with her sexy skin tight jeans. In this jeans her legs look much longer. A really nice clip for men who loves jeansgirls.

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Jeansgirl Loona

Donnerstag, April 14th, 2011

Loona is a sexy young jeansgirl and she loves to humilate her slave. Today he is lying on her bed and she is sitting on his face. But this girl is not only sitting on his face, she is jumping on his face again and again. Look at this sexy girl jumping at the bed. She lands hard on her seatpad. She is a really crazy girl.

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In Tina’s smotherbox

Mittwoch, April 13th, 2011

Toda Tina D.’s slave is caught in the smotherbox. He is a very poor guy because now tina can do what she wants. She can sit down on his face for a very long time. Tina is able to change her position and her slave can only wait what she is going to do. Tina really enjoy it and she won´t let him go away for the next few hours.

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Angelina and her seatpad

Dienstag, April 12th, 2011

Angelina loves to dominate her slave. Today she has a big surprise for him. She is standing there and he has to lay down his face on her chair. She stake him on the chair and so he has to stay in this position. A really good position for her because she can sit on him how she like. She is sitting on him again and again and he can feel her jeansass directly in his face. This jeans is really sexy and angelina knows it.

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