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Jeansgirl Loona

Donnerstag, April 14th, 2011

Loona is a sexy young jeansgirl and she loves to humilate her slave. Today he is lying on her bed and she is sitting on his face. But this girl is not only sitting on his face, she is jumping on his face again and again. Look at this sexy girl jumping at the bed. She lands hard on her seatpad. She is a really crazy girl.

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In Tina’s smotherbox

Mittwoch, April 13th, 2011

Toda Tina D.’s slave is caught in the smotherbox. He is a very poor guy because now tina can do what she wants. She can sit down on his face for a very long time. Tina is able to change her position and her slave can only wait what she is going to do. Tina really enjoy it and she won´t let him go away for the next few hours.

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