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Jeansfacesitting with two girls

Montag, Juni 9th, 2014

Malika and Alicea are wearing skin tight jeans! Alicea takes a seat on the friend’s face! Look at her great jeans ass!

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Hot denim fetish

Montag, Februar 18th, 2013

Dizzy is a very dominant jeans girl and today she wants to have an orgasm no matter what her girlfriend will say! She throws herselt down on Stella and now she is sitting with her hot jeans ass on her face! This two jeansgirls ars very sexy and they both wear skin tight jeans!

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Jessy´s jeansass

Samstag, Februar 19th, 2011

Jessy has strapped her slave on a chair. So this slave is very weakly and helpless. She is sitting with her skin tight jeans on her slaves face. She is sitting in front and reverse. So you can take a look at her great jeans ass all around. She is a sexy woman who loves to show what she have.

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Jeansfacesitting with Diana

Montag, Februar 14th, 2011

This is jeansgirl Diana. She is a sexy blond woman who loves to sit on her slave. But not only at his body, she is sitting at his ugly face. She is wearing her hot blue jeans, a white shirt and white high heels. A sexy woman and she only let him breathe when she wants. How much breathe does he need? But this doesn´t matter, Diana wants only have fun today and she loves to use her slave as a seat pad.

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